Our Story

The word “Agape” means God’s unfiltered, unhindered love, which is the core value of the Agape House.

Several years ago, the visionary and founder for The Agape House noted that many Black and Brown young women were on a main street in Seattle, being picked up by men that they did not know. As a result of seeing this, she recruited women and men from the Black and Brown community to form The Agape House Board. This dynamic Board, in partnership with amazing volunteers, serves as practical support and a loving bridge for all young women in need of educational and employment opportunities along with non- time limited housing.

The Agape House is:

Proactive. We are not disadvantaged. We provide early intervention. We are assertive, encouraging respect for self and others. We take control, determined to use personal tools to survive and thrive.

1. Our focus is on the individual. We are about finding the undeserved in service systems and the overrepresented in the community systems. Black and Brown young women are disproportionately represented in the foster care system, the homeless community, the judicial system, the penal system, the poor, the pipeline to sexual trafficking.

2. We are preventative. Our efforts are to break negative and adverse cycles; whether poverty, physical abuse, or systemic racism, we want to break it. We treat each young woman as if she is unique because she is. Through this program and our mission, which is undergirded through respect, kindness and professionalism, we will reach countless young women before the streets do.

3. We believe we all are interconnected and interdependent. We believe that as the proverb states, “When you save one life, You save the world”. The Agape House is here to help do that, one young woman at a time.